Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jeremy Malafa, Cleveland Legend

I met Jer in high school. His energy was contagious.  We were in an advanced art program together at the time and bonded over music, skating, and being misfits.  We played lots of jokes on people and even the "good" kids started following the stupid things that we would do.  Over the years he hung out more and more and became a strong fiber of what the Cleveland scene was.  He became really close with a mutual group of friends that have always lead the scene in music, skating and who are leaders not followers. These are people that I have known for 10-15 years and are doing the same thing they were back then.  No regrets.  I think Jer had a ballsy reckless image, but was really genuine, caring, smart and fucking funny.  He was not destructive, rather brave in the way he lived his life and I am proud to have known him throughout the years.  You'll be missed brother...

Painting below is called "2012" dedicated to Jer

The Avengers album was on his record player last.  I think "We are the One" defines who he was.  Scroll down to play the songs LOUD and watch the video of Jer ripping it up!!! Pretty F-in cool

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