Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Aliens? Why Devo?

Here are two pieces that touch on the "Balloon People" series I worked on years ago.  The series illustrates alien-like adolescent beings playfully showing themselves to the viewer.  Because I am not using a model things naturally look "alien" and out of this world.  I think in fashion and art these qualities have always been very present.  The more weird, the less judgemental you can be on what your looking at because you have no where to pull preconceived ideas from.  So you just enjoy the absurdity and the colors.  In one way I am hoping that the series can talk more about what our internal make-up is, not what we look like physically. 

The first study is called "AlienGirl" and the second is in its mid-stages untitled.  They are both painted on Arches watercolor paper.  All in all they are some of the strongest pieces I've been working on recently.  Somehow Clash's "Straight to Hell" and Devo's  "Mongaloid" works with these pieces

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