Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sinking Thinking Evolving

Last few months or so I have been showing my work in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I had been wanting to show my work in this area to a different audience.  It has opened the door to a few great things including participating in the NADA art fair this year through Panda Gallery.  In addition on December 8th I will be showing brand new paintings at One Art Space gallery on Church and Warren on Tribeca right around the corner to Zukati park which set the stage to the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  This charged to world resulting a lot of tension with the corporations, police and the wealthy businesses.  For some reason its giving me a push to show my work in Lower Manhattan, a place to the voices of people to be heard all over the world.  Its hard to explain, but the exhibiting works that reflect on the culture, is a protest in itself.  Artists, musicians and writers don't have to do what they do. Its a calling similar to the protesters and revolutionaries who made a decision to attempt to destroy old ideas and evolve.  It's and unexplainable force in human nature which re-writes history over and over.  

The new works below include, "The Doubtful Guest", "Hunter Thompson on Acid", Hybrid of Warhol and Hawkings" and the Sculpture of the "Tower of Babel"

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