Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Took a Bite out of the Worm

"Wormboy" was one of the first pieces I painted New York when I moved to Hell's Kitchen in 2002.  It's an image of a pig-like over sized baby whose has his back towards you.  He turns and looks at you for a quick glance before he is about to take a bite out of a worm that he just found.  This piece reefers to two things. The song by the Boys called "The Worms Song" about a weird little boy who grosses everyone out because he eats insects.  In more of a metaphoric way the boy is about to lose his innocence and grow up by biting into the worm which is representative of an apple and New York.  This was part of my "Balloon People" series which I am excited to paint again.  A few more images from the series are shown in this article with two songs by the Boys including the Worm Song.

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