Monday, January 3, 2011

Docorative, Expressive and Grotesque

January 3rd 2011

The piece below is by Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter.   He was part of the  Art Nouveau movement prominently influenced by French artists in the early 1900s.  Iv'e been influenced by this style of painting for years.   There are two things about these works that I have always been impressed by which I would like to bring to my work. quality of these pieces, which keep the viewers' eyes flowing like a really well written song, or a movie that you want to watch over and over again.  There is a sense of expression but controlled with ease and grace.  Simply put, there is balance.  The other thing I love is the draftsmanship.  These well designed pieces are thought out, crafted, and harmonious like their subjects.  The line work is usually flawless but seems spontaneous.  You can see that the artist took their time to work out the whole surface of the canvas or paper.  Overall, l they are as decorative as they are expressive, qualities in my work that I am starting to explore.  Below I included three paintings of mine, a bit more grotesque in ways, but, I think have some indirect similarities to some the Art Nouveau painters.  Also a trailer for a biography of Mucha which looks like its worth checking out.


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